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Baby Bump Diaries has been around since 2007. It started as a typical mommy blog, posting stories and images from our life as a way for family to keep up with what we had going on. But quickly it became a pretty popular place to hang out online. After a while, I felt very uncomfortable about how much of ourselves was out there for the world to see - intimate details like our birth story, family photos, etc. I considered giving it up altogether, but I couldn’t part with the blogging community that I had grown to love. So I removed all of the personal family-related posts and decided to make Baby Bump Diaries a resource. Now I blog about my life and share information on topics I love and have experience with - like photography, blogging, online marketing, parenting, and more. I am so happy to have this platform that allows me to contribute to the online conversation on these topics and to have made so many wonderful friends online. My goal with this website is to offer information, inspiration, connection, and motivation for this amazing, crazy beautiful journey through motherhood and life.

About Me

My name is Amanda. I live in a small town named Castaic, which is located about 30 minutes north of Los Angeles, California. I am married to a very handsome man named Stan. We have a Vizsla named Berkeley, daughter named Lily, and are expecting our third love - who is due Aug 27, 2011. I own my own businesses - a Stroller Strides franchise and I am a professional photographer in Santa Clarita. I love blogging, great food, fitness, nature, inspiration, color, and life.

When I was 15 years old I picked up my first camera. A gift from my father for Christmas, it was his old Canon AE-1. I instantly fell in love and a camera hasn’t been far from my side ever since. Everything I know about photography is self taught. In my early twenties and after years as a hobby, I started photographing professionally on the side of my full time job in marketing.

At my day job, I quickly excelled in the field of online marketing and web design. I’ve worked for a variety of clients from small business to fortune 500 companies in both consultant and agency settings. In August of 2007 I found out I was pregnant - a complete surprise, but a true gift. After Lily’s birth, I left my day job and set off to create my own business that would allow me to spend the time I needed to with this crazy beautiful new love of my life. During my “me” time and after the family is all tucked in bed, I work on Baby Bump Diaries.

I hope you enjoy what you find here. If you have questions or comments, I would love to hear from you.

My Bucket List

Here is my ever evolving list of things I’d like to accomplish in this life.

• Stay happily married to a wonderful, handsome man who I love with all of my heart. (So far so good!)
• Raise 4 smart, caring, and well rounded children. (One down, one on the way.)
• Give birth naturally to at least one child.
• Hot Air Balloon Ride
• Spend at least one month in Europe, specifically Italy and France.
• Learn to speak French fluently.
• Purchase a Canon Mark III.
• Get good at shooting video.
• Vlog, really well and not feel awkward about it.
• Run a full marathon. (Half Marathon is in the bag)
• Build a super successful business that allows our family to do anything we want to without using up every waking hour of my time, i.e. no financial limits.
• Have one of my photographs appear in National Geographic (print or online).
• Buy my mother a house and support her so she can retire or at least work for fun, not money.
• Drive a race car or at least in the passenger seat.

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