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Arcelia is an IT Consulting & Professional IT Services company with an objective to help companies in the mid space market (SME) & Large Enterprises to focus on their business and achieve their business goals by harnessing the power of Information Technology and using IT as an enabler for continuous growth and effective information management. We are adept at managing information by exploiting the power of technology and bring our expertise to table for enterprises and generate value for them through our practices, services and consulting.

We have a strong team of professionals certified in cross technology platforms namely Microsoft, Cisco & AMP. Our key area of expertise includes IT Infrastructure Design & Management Services, Consulting on Business Management Applications, Hosted Solutions & Remote Network Management Services.

We are committed to providing you with quality solutions that are on time and within budget. Our solutions enables organizations assure the security of their business by protecting the information and the underlying infrastructure upon which the business relies on. This commitment to our customers is backed up by our commitment to our own staff and ensuring we achieve the high standards we demand of ourselves. To this end we constantly invest in our staff and ensure that all staff are highly trained and certified in the services we offer.

Arcelia IT was founded in response to client demands for an independent consulting firm to assist clients gain a competitive edge by achieving IT Operational excellence in deploying, managing and securing their IT infrastructure.

We at Arcelia IT believe that the success of any IT solution is not simply based on the technical aspects and advantages of that solution, but needs to be built on the core foundations of people, industry based standards, processes and best practices.

Backed with our quality processes and commitment to deliver, Arcelia IT provides clients with quality solutions at cost effective rates.

As an independent consulting & services company we provide our clients with unbiased advice on how to successfully implement and manage technology to compliment their business requirements. Together with our partners, we can provide you with a one stop solution for all your IT needs.


As business grows the need for an agile, scalable, highly available solution, security, and reliability increases; delivering what companies require to achieve- an effective & efficient solution takes specialized knowledge and skills in ever growing list of technologies.

To address these requirements we had practiced a unique approach. This approach aligns business and technical requirements through all ten phases of the solution lifecycle.

Key features of this approach are:
• Business Strategy centric
• Tight integration of Creative and Technical activities
• Short delivery cycles
• Iterative approach
• Risk reduction
• Scalable from a Startup to an Enterprise

The Lifecycle of the approach is divided in the following ten phases:
• Establishing Business and Technical requirements
• Set Realistic Expectations from Technology
• Analyze Existing level of IT automation
• Identify Gaps
• Prepare a Plan
• Proof of Concept
• Pilot Review
• Implement and Scale
• Operate
• Optimize

Arcelia’s core competence lies in its understanding of information technology and its application to achieve business objectives. We are a Service oriented consulting company specializing in value based solutions. Our main offerings can be broadly categorized in the following categories:
• Managed Services
• Consulting Services
• Infrastructure Solution & Deployment Services
• IT Infrastructure fulfillment

Managed Services

We render the following services under our Managed Services Window:

Cloud Computing
• Online Exchange
• Live Meeting Hosted
• Hosted Sharepoint Portal
• Online Communications services
• Hosted CRM

Network Support Services
• Remote Monitoring
• Help Desk Support
• Pro-active Network Support
• Security Monitoring

Infrastructure Support Services
• Remote Desktop Support
• Asset Lifecycle Support
• Database Management
• Back-up & Storage Management
• Anti-Virus Management
• Patch Management
• Applications Support
• Hardware Upgrades
• Systems Hhardening
• Facilities Management Services


Our in-depth understanding of technology enables us to consult businesses to extract maximum mileage from IT. Our solutions are based around global best practices with local understanding of the problem in hand. We render following service under the consulting domain:

Infrastructure Design Consulting
• IT Infrastructure
• Optimization Planning
• RFP Design Consulting
• Communications Infrastructure Consulting
• Secure Remote Access
• Data Encryption Services
• Enterprise Perimeter Security Architecture
• Networking Segmentation (V-LAN)
• Regulatory Compliance

Business Continuity Consulting
• Information Systems Policy Consulting
• Vulnerability Assessment
• Penetration Testing
• Gap Analysis
• Information Systems Best Practices
• ISO 27001 Certification Consulting
• IT Governance Best Practices Consulting
• Disaster Recovery
• Regulatory Compliance

Consulting on Control through Applications
• Application Intelligence Consulting
• Integrated information Consulting
• Business Intelligence
• Industry Best Practices Consulting

Infrastructure Solution & Deployment

One of the biggest challenges faced by any business today is to keep pace with ever changing technology. Since technology is constantly evolving and becoming complex with every passing day, it becomes an uphill task to build competence in-house to deploy and maintain complex technologies required for running the business. Being a service oriented organization in the Information Technology domain we invest heavily in constant grooming of our technical resources on the entire technology spectrum. And hence we have some of the finest technical resources who are subject matter expert in their own respective domains. These experts bring value on table in terms of deployment of the most complex technology solutions for our end-customer business organization. And these organizations leverage on our expertise to run their IT enabled enterprises in a more efficient manner. Technology Solutions where we excel includes the following:

Active Networking
• Secure Wireless
• Network Security

Passive Networking
• Cabling Services
• Design
• Project Management
• Sourcing
• Vendor Management
• Logistics Planning

Power Management
• Green IT
• Virtualization
• Corning Systems

IP Based Communication Systems
• Video & Audio Conferencing
• Customer Care
• IP Telephony
• Messaging
• Mobile Applications
• Presence & Clients
• Digital Media

Information Lifecycle Management
• Back-Up, Recovery & Archiving Solution
• Governance Risk & Compliance Solution
• Infrastructure Consolidation Solution
• Mail & Messaging Solution
• Transnational Contact Management Solution
• Virtualization Infrastructure Solution

Business Management Applications
• Business Intelligence
• Data Warehousing

IT Infrastructure Fulfillment

We have established strategic partnerships and work very closely with industry leaders to provide infrastructure solutions to our customers in the following areas:
• Computing – Servers & Client products (IBM, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony Apple etc
• Networking – Active & Passive (Cisco, Dlink, AMP, Clipsal, Avaya, Nortel etc.)
• Audio Visual: Projectors, Display, Audio System (Panasonic, Sanyo, Toshiba, Sony etc.)
• Data Management: Storage, Back-up, Archiving (EMC, Veritas, Computer Associates.)
• Information Security: Firewall, AntiX, Intrusion Prevention, Network Admission Control, Remote Access, (Checkpoint, Cisco, Norton, Mcafee, Watch-Guard etc.)
• Power Infrastructure: UPS Back, Cooling, Power Management Datacenter (Emerson, APC)
• Connectivity: Bandwidth, Compression, Telco, Datacenter (Citrix, TATA, Bharti, Sify, Reliance)

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