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Baby Loves Earth was formed around the idea that surrounding a child with organic, natural and eco-friendly products is the best way to ensure proper growth and development through a child's early years. From our research it seems reasonable to believe that if a child eats organic, wears organic, and sleeps using materials created from non-toxic renewable sources that the child will be healthier in the long run compared to children who may have unhealthy diets or might come into contact with toxic toys. With this founding principle of healthy products lead to healthy kids' in place, Baby Loves Earth was born.

As veteran retail operators with over 15 years experience with apparel and holistic health companies, we were eager and excited to open our little shop in the corner of the Internet where we could offer healthy alternatives to everyday child products. We were confident that we would be able to assemble a product lineup at Baby Loves Earth that could get people excited and get people talking about the importance of their family's health and future wellness, as well as the importance of protecting our Earth.

Through careful testing, trial and error and in-home use, Baby Loves Earth has found the best eco-innovations for children and families to utilize in their daily lives. Hopefully our products have helped our earliest customers, in ways big and small, as they learn (along with us!) about the benefits of living a bit smarter in terms of our everyday consumption habits.

Educating our customers about the positive attributes of healthier living is a big part of who we are as a company. We are not just here to sell our customers the latest BPA-free feeding tools or organic sheets, or to sell them on a "green" lifestyle that they may or may not be ready for.

We want to be here to help our customers along, to use our positive energy, knowledge and helpfulness so that people can ease their way into a greener lifestyle at their own pace, using products that make them comfortable. We know change is difficult for many folks, but we are here to ease the transition to a healthier way of living with straight facts, not a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo.

As proud parents ourselves, we here at Baby Loves Earth know what it is like to care for precious, growing children. We have just completed a domestic adoption and will complete an international adoption later in 2008. Nothing is more important to us than our children, and we know you feel the same way. As such, we take our business seriously and only offer the safest, highest-quality products so you can be sure you are doing the very best that you can for your little ones.

As we waited for our first child, we extensively researched eco-friendly children's products, and found many of the amazing products that we offer today. We're always on the watch for new and improved products, and will upgrade our offerings as our partners continue to create and innovate with the well being of your children always in mind.

As people become ever more aware of the importance of our consumption habits, Baby Loves Earth will be there to deliver the goods, along with a positive message of child wellness and family comfort. From our family to yours, welcome to Baby Loves Earth. Let's all get healthy together!

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