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Fleet Tracking, Iridium Satellite Communication

From in-flight voice communication to vehicle tracking, Blue Sky Network is the leading provider of global satellite communication and logistics solutions for two-way linking and managing aviation, land mobile, and marine assets.

Using its interactive Web portal, SkyRouter, with detailed mapping and integration with Google Earth, Blue Sky Network links enterprises to personnel and assets anywhere on earth via Iridium satellites. FAA-certified data and voice products enable users to customize the features including safety and event reporting.

And now, with HawkEye 5300, Blue Sky Network offers a dual-mode tracking device that taps the power of both GSM and Iridium satellite capabilities-providing seamless switching between each.

Blue Sky Network's exceptional customer service and management team make it the perfect partner for adding true global communication and fleet tracking to your transport network.

Meet our management team, and don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation on all your asset tracking, fleet management, and land mobile needs.

Satellite Tracking and Communication for Aviation, Fleet Management, and All Personnel and Assets

Through the Iridium network, Blue Sky Network provides satellite tracking, fleet tracking and management, asset and personnel tracking–as well as text and voice communications–to organizations working in the most remote parts of the world.

Hardware, software, service, and support for every asset-whether air, land, or sea–on one platform. Industries served include aviation, oil and gas, mining, exploration, military, and more.

With its pioneering back-end, SkyRouter–now revamped to include multiple maps, geo-fences, and other critical satellite tracking and communication tools and features–Blue Sky Network can capture, display, disseminate, and port data from every asset throughout the enterprise, and into any back-end required.

Its FAA-certified flight tracking solutions include the D1000, as well as the ACH1000 for voice communications. And with the HawkEye 5300–a dual mode tracking solution that switches seamlessly between the Iridium satellite network and GSM networks–Blue Sky Network offers a fleet management and tracking solution that is as cost-effective as it is powerful.

Blue Sky Network's customer support team is entirely in-house and comprises the engineers who have field tested the equipment and developed the back-end. For satellite tracking solutions covering your every need, there is no better fit than Blue Sky Network.

We offer solutions to industries as
1. Logistics
2. Transportation,
3. Mining
4. Oil & Gas
5. Aviation
6. Marine

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