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Bulldog Bag Ltd. offers a complete line in both paper and plastic bags, as well as lumber wrap and industrial covers so you get the widest possible range of choices. We combine nearly four decades of experience with innovative technology applications to ensure consistent quality and on-time delivery.

About Us

Customers have been relying on Bulldog Bag’s creative strength since we started in business back in 1965 with one machine, and an unwavering commitment to finding just the right solution to each customer’s particular needs. We believe that the custom in customer means tailoring our products and services to satisfy your specific requirements – no matter what type of bags, lumber wrap, or industrial covers you need.

Today we have a 120,000 sq. ft. facility, more than 150 people, and dozens of machines. Over the years we have designed and produced thousands of different kinds of bags in paper and plastic, lumber wrap, and industrial covers for thousands of customers.

Many of our customers have been with Bulldog for decades. They keep coming back (and tell their friends to come to us) because they know they can count on Bulldog Bag’s creative strength to deliver the right solution in even the most demanding turnaround times. Bag after bag, year after year. You too can count on Bulldog Bag to create solutions that work for you.

Products and Services

Bulldog Bag has invested heavily in state-of-the-art printing, design, and converting equipment to make sure that your bag, lumber wrap, or industrial cover exceeds your requirements for strength, integrity, style, and color. We have a dedicated in-house art department that can turn jobs around quickly. And our proven printing expertise -- with capacity to print up to eight colors on both paper and plastic -- means that the quality images we put on a bag, wrap, or cover communicates the quality of what's inside.

This combination of knowledge, product selection, and technology enables us to produce and deliver custom solutions of unsurpassed quality with unprecedented speed so that you get the bag, wrap, or cover you need when you need it.

Paper Products

Bulldog Bag offers distributors and end users a full range of paper bags in industry standard and custom sizes with printing up to eight colors. From grocery and notion bags to custom-sized window bags for baked goods as well as twisted paper handle shopping bags.

We produce paper bags for virtually every use. And we produce them in the quantities you need, large or small. Bulldog Bag will fill orders as low as 2,500 for handle bags and 5,000 for printed bags.

Polyethylene Products

Bulldog Bag's onsite extruders produce both mono-layer polyethylene bags and three layered co-extrusion bags. We produce a wide variety of bags and polyethylene films for both distributors and end users, from retail t-shirt check stand bags, zipper, serrated tear-off, and tamper proof bags to wicket bags, pallet covers, industrial liners, roll film, CTS (continuous tubular sacking) film, SOE (slit one edge) film, and form and fill packaging.

Bulldog Bag prints from four to eight colors and up to 65� (162.5 cm) wide with line and process prints for all our plastic bags or covers.

Lumber Wrap

Bulldog Bag Ltd has been in the business of supplying lumber wrap and custom sewn covers, (both printed and plain) for the better part of 30 years. With our and lumber wrap products Bulldog is easily able to supply all your poly woven lumber wrap requirements.

In addition to our 4 colour printing capabilities and in house custom sewn cover facility Bulldog Bag Ltd prides itself on having the best lead time in the industry. For all printed lumber wrap orders 2-3 weeks, and for custom sewn covers 3-4 weeks. Whether you are a large volume user or small, we can meet your needs.

Bulldog Tuff Guard

The Forest industry is entering into a new era in packaging, and Bulldog Bag Ltd is right along side with. This is a Co-Extruded Elasticized film for the newest automated lumber wrapping equipment. With 3 color printing capabilities Bulldog Bag Ltd is uniquely positioned to meet all your lumber packaging needs.

Industrial Bags

Bulldog offers end users industrial bags and covers in both paper and plastic for a wide range of products. These include polyethylene and multi-wall paper bags for fertilizer, soil, farm and aquaculture feed, cement, chemicals and other packaged goods. The bags come in a variety of styles, including sewn open mouth, pasted open mouth, and stepped end valve bags.

Bulldog also makes bags for the forest industry which are used to store seedlings until they are ready for planting. Bulldog Bag�s long experience gives us detailed knowledge of the properties of products, such as chemicals, so we can design our bags for optimum protection during handling, shipping, and storage.

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