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As an environmentally-conscious business, we constantly take steps towards sustainability. We originally started with the Slow Fashion movement, but in the process of providing long-lasting organic cotton apparel, we’ve gradually realized that supporting non-profits that share our vision of a ‘slow lifestyle’ should be a part of our green business model.

We’re a small, family-owned company that believes in helping our planet and our loved ones by producing the best quality organic cotton apparel. Through our products and business practices, we seek to promote environmental and social responsibility:

• All of our employees live within 2 miles of the office, which reduces transportation costs and carbon emissions.
• Business travel is reduced to a minimum because we utilize online communications systems to correspond with our business partners instead.
• And because our office is microwave-free, fresh-made, organic lunches are provided free everyday to our employees.

Our Design

Organic: As an organic cotton underwear company we only use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton. From field to fabric finish, all processes are certified by Skal, a division of the Control Union World Group. We’ve chosen to use organic cotton instead of bamboo or soy because of environmental concerns.

Slow Fashion: In an effort to reduce the use of natural resources, the Slow Fashion movement emphasizes classic colors and styles that never go out of fashion. Ecoland apparel is multifunctional and can be worn as underwear, sleepwear, or as layers. People don’t need to buy as many pieces of clothing, so less waste ends up in landfills. As a green business, we participate in and fully support the Slow Fashion initiative.

Labels: For comfort, our ladies’ and men’s collections are tagless. Each label is printed with water-based inks and adhered via heat transfer.

Recycling for the Future: Our pure organic cotton underwear for the entire family is designed with simplicity and quality in mind. Since underwear cannot be reused, we plan to develop a recycling program to give a second life to our organic cotton apparel, completing the cradle to cradle cycle.

We Care

Cotton: We only use GOT certified organic cotton that is grown without pesticides use.

Fabric: Our fabric is made in the U.S. without prints or dyes. We have minimized our use of color to natural and white, which makes our line look simple and fresh without chemicals. Our white color is made without chlorine in a hydrogen process.

Garment: Since 2009, we’ve gradually moved our production from overseas back to the U.S to reduce carbon emissions and support local employment. Our clothing is made in a sweatshop-free environment in the U.S. within 20 miles of our office.

Packaging: As an environmentally-conscious business, we try to reduce the impact to the environment when we make our green products. Our clothing is packed in recycled paper boxes printed with soy-based inks. Not only do the boxes protect the clothing from light and dust, but they also provide educational information about organic cotton.

Shipping: To reduce waste, we reuse shipping boxes that we receive from our factory to ship products to our customers. Paper tape is used to seal our boxes, instead of non-biodegradable plastic tape.

Give-backs: We’re running an environmentally responsible business; but at the same time, we seek to help people participate in Ecoland’s vision. We’ve pre-selected non-profits we know to be effecting positive change in the world. Donating 3% of our web orders to their efforts is our small way of supporting them.

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