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Babies bring out the best in people – so why not reward them with the good stuff? As parents, we all want what's best for our children but know that is not always possible. At mixed baby greens we give you one less thing to stress about by providing you with healthy, hip choices for your baby.

You do it all and you’re smart about all you do. Naturally, you're looking for ways to outfit your tater tot in stylish clothes, because cool parents raise cool kids. Why not take it all the way baby and reach for our organic cotton and sustainable bamboo products to kiss baby's sensitive skin? That is, when you're not kissing on baby! What’s a little spit up when you’ve got style, naturally?

My inspiration for this adventure was my daughter, Isabella. For her (us) I planted the seeds. Sunshine was the gift of my visionary guru and brother, Rob, while my parents added water in the form of encouragement.

Isabella motivates me to do the right thing every day and she’s a great reason to pay attention to my impact on the environment. I want to do what I can to ensure that our precious resources are intact for my precious one, and your precious one, etc. I’m not necessarily talking about drastic, time- or money-consuming acts - simple choices can make a tremendous difference. That’s not to suggest that going out of our way isn’t a good idea ~ we can all be inconvenienced once in a while for the good life.

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